K’s Creations Swivel Ball Floor Stand 8 Replies

Have you been looking for a great floor stand that will allow you to work on your favorite piece while sitting in your favorite chair or on the couch? Work your piece from the side, straight ahead or in a recliner (while it is reclined)?   This is the floor stand for you!

8 thoughts on “K’s Creations Swivel Ball Floor Stand

  1. b j lauzon

    It looks like it would really work great. Ending threads using a regular frame holder is really a pain. Could you tell us how much it is?
    Also, could you post a picture of the bottom of the holder?

  2. Pat Jenkins

    I need to see the bottom of the stand. If you are sitting in a recliner, do you bring the stand in from the front, or side. Is the bottom of the stand made to go under the front of the sofa? Thanks Pat

    1. The Girls Post author

      The bottom of the stand is a flat plate that can be pushed under most furniture. We would love to assist you with any of your other questions.

  3. Vonda

    I was wondering if you are using this stand with the base under the recliner, does the needlework arm swivel so that you can get up out of your chair without having to move the stand?


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