Whooo doesn’t love him? 2 Replies

New Needlepoint Canvas at BeStitched

This is one of the most majestic looking owls I have seen in a canvas. He is so realistic and the details in the border are fabulous. Yes, I agree, the whimsical owls are all the rage now and are absolutely darling. However, if you are a true owl lover, he really must be in your near future. Melissa Shirley has added a regal quail and magnificent cranes to this series.

owl_needlepoint_canvasDid I mention we have stitch direction from Julia Snyder on this beauty? The threads, ribbons and stitches we have incorporated in this piece really bring him to life. Let us know if we can send him your way

2 thoughts on “Whooo doesn’t love him?

  1. kim giardino

    This is one of the most magnificient owls I’ve ever seen, without being “a whimiscal one”

    I have a whimisical owl in petit point that is magnificient. I love owls….this is outstanding.


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